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Jennifer Brann Promoted to VP of Business Operations

 Jenn. who has been with OpenCape since 2018, says that her role and involvement has evolved in response to the organization’s growth and needs.

“I started as the Business Office Manager – reorganizing the business, making processes more efficient. Then in 2020, when the Finance Manager retired, I stepped into more of a leadership role as the Senior Manager, Business Operations and developed greater relationships with our customers, community, and vendors to further our mission."

A resident of Marston’s Mills, Jenn has run her husband’s drywall business since 2000.

“Small businesses have a lot of moving parts. You recognize what needs to be done and there are not endless resources, so you are the one that needs to find the solutions and put them in place.”

Steven Johnston, Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director said:

“Jennifer has been a core part of OpenCape's success over the past few years, her commitment to transparency, efficiency, and innovation has helped OpenCape scale and succeed as we work to bring fast, reliable and affordable fiber internet to everyone in our region.”

Even though she didn’t exactly need a college degree at this point in her career, earning one is important to her. In 2022, Jenn earned an Associate’s Degree from Southern New Hampshire University and she’s currently on track to earn her Bachelor’s in Accounting and Business Management.

As a Cape Cod native, Jenn is excited about the promotion and the next steps in her continued growth within the organization.

“Our business has lots of moving parts," she said. "We are constantly striving to work smarter and use our resources well in comparison to our competitors who have nearly unlimited resources. Our focus is providing a great, reliable, and affordable product and amazing local customer service.”


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