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Residential Pilot Programs

255 Main Residential Fiber Pilot Program

Through select Pilot Programs, OpenCape gives developers the opportunity to connect their residential housing units reliably and affordably to OpenCape's 100% Fiber Optic Network. Pilot Programs allow OpenCape to test methods and best practices as well as to gauge consumer interest and satisfaction while continuing to support Town initiatives.

OpenCape joined forces with CapeBuilt Development as they began planning the renovation and redevelopment of the historic Hyannis Board of Trade building at the intersection of Center Street and Main Street. 255 Main includes 10 residential housing units on the second and third floors above 3,500 square feet of office/retail space on the first floor for a neighborhood café and CapeBuilt’s offices.

Lack of Fast, Reliable Internet Connectivity
255 Main is described as being at the Cape’s intersection of hip and historic, with layouts, finishes and technology that are akin to new developments in Boston, Providence and Brooklyn. This building needed to meet the desires of young professionals and folks of any generation looking for a Cape-urban existence in which to live, work and play. Being able to walk to 40 food and beverage destinations, living just steps away from Island ferries, and enjoying easy access to some of America’s top-rated beaches, CapeBuilt Development knew both its commercial and residential tenants would require the fastest and most reliable connectivity available.

Connect 100% Fiber Optic Internet to Residential Housing Units
The 255 Main Residential Fiber Pilot Program was the perfect opportunity for OpenCape to connect a select number of residential housing units along with the commercial spaces throughout the building to OpenCape's 100% Fiber Optic Network. The historic Hyannis Board of Trade building and its tenants played key roles in the evolution of modern-day Hyannis in the early 1900s. It became immediately obvious that this would be an ideal location for a Residential Fiber Pilot Program and an excellent fit for the downtown Hyannis area based on OpenCape's community-focused mission.


Shared Internet Access via GPON

OpenCape built a Gigabyte Passive Optical Network (GPON) with single point to multipoint 100% fiber optic internet connection via passive optical splitters that offers higher downstream speeds. The GPON will provide the residential housing units at 255 Main with access to a shared gigabit for a low monthly cost plus the ability to utilize VOIP phone service and the capacity to stream any digital media service.

The redevelopment of 255 Main is as much about the future of Cape Cod as it is about preserving an important Hyannis landmark.

– Rob Brennan, CapeBuilt President

What is the future of fiber optic connectivity for residents on Cape Cod?

OpenCape's goal is to select projects like 255 Main to use as an example for towns that are considering building their own fiber networks to support businesses and residents and connecting them to OpenCape's 100% Fiber Optic Network.

CapeBuilt Development is the type of forward-thinking partner that OpenCape regularly seeks to collaborate with – from the redevelopment of 255 Main to the construction of Sea Captains Row as part of the revitalization of downtown Hyannis that now extends to East Main Street. This collaboration is just the beginning for OpenCape in terms of our efforts to support Fiber-to-the Home initiatives across the Cape, the Islands and Southeastern Massachusetts.

When the stay-at-home advisory was implemented in Massachusetts due to COVID-19, access to the internet emerged as a critical necessity. Looking toward the future, the only way for people to effectively work remotely is to ensure that they have access to robust, reliable and affordable internet connectivity in their homes that 100% fiber optic can provide.

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