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Powering the Region through Advanced Internet Connectivity

Our region's municipalities need powerful solutions for delivering instant communication, online resources, and public safety services to residents and visitors.

Empowering Communities

OpenCape's 100% Fiber Optic Network connects essential services in 15 Cape towns, including schools, police, fire, EMS, public safety, public works, and water districts. Through our Municipal Wide Area Network (MWAN), we extend internet connectivity to municipal networks in all 45 towns, reducing costs by linking multiple buildings efficiently.

  • Ensure essential communications remain available, even in harsh conditions

  • Access vital information and online services quickly

  • Create a truly secure, customized solution so your municipal network will grow as your town grows

  • Enable full control of your networking environment

  • Extend your network reach into a Wide Area Network

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How we can help

Municipalities are grappling with a tough task: managing and upkeeping their own networks, which include essential services like Police, Fire, and Schools. 


Plus, residents and businesses want top-notch, affordable internet access. This creates a demand that most city IT departments can't meet alone.


Luckily, OpenCape offers solutions to support these municipalities.

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Reach New

  • Assistance in finding and securing grants and project funding

  • Help with proposal writing and provided supporting facts and figures

  • Planning and design of municipal or public-private networks

  • Project Management for fiber construction

  • Planning and fiber construction for specific municipal buildings

  • Help researching and writing performance report for the Department of Revenue including project timelines and budget 

Planning & Funding
  • Wholesale access from OpenCape’s diverse path connections in Boston & Providence.  Includes Direct Internet Access, Transport, Transparent LAN, and Dark Fiber

  • 24/7 Access and Rack Space at OpenCape’s IBM-designed and Built Data Center.  82 feet above sea level

  • Operation of the network, for a fee

  • Wired, wireless and hybrid solutions

  • Secure and Priority circuits

  • DDoS monitoring and mitigation service via our partnership with Corero

Secure Servers & Backup Systems

OpenCape's Barnstable Data Center offers a secure and dependable venue for governments to house servers, backups, and tech. It includes:

  • diverse power feeds,

  • distribution paths,

  • generators,

  • redundant cooling,

  • and high-capacity connectivity via the OpenCape Fiber Optic Network.

Innovative, Scalable Solutions

OpenCape’s services are scalable.


Towns determine which technologies they want to use on OpenCape's 100% Fiber Optic Network to create a truly secure, customized solution and ensure that their network will grow as their town grows.


Far-Reaching Backbone

The OpenCape 100% Fiber Optic Network extends over 550 miles through all 15 Cape Cod towns as well as Southeastern Massachusetts and Rhode Island.


Additional connections are made to Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. Our relationships with Tier 1 internet providers in Boston and Providence complement the OpenCape Network’s diverse and redundant design.

All services are delivered over the state-of-the-art OpenCape 100% Fiber Optic Network, giving you the peace of mind, secure, resilient fiber connection with unmatchable upload and download speeds.

Services: Meeting Your Need for Speed

  • Delivered on our 100% Fiber Optic Network, providing state-of-the-art, secure, resilient, redundant connections for Enterprise, Municipal, Small Businesses and currently piloting residential connections.

  • OpenCape has partnered with Corero to offer real time, inline DDoS Mitigation as a layered service for our customers who are interested in the most reliable mitigation for DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service).

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  • Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) allows you to make voice calls using our 100% fiber broadband Internet connection instead of analog phone lines more efficiently, reliably and cost-effectively with 24/7 support.

  • Considering building a Municipal Network? Investigating fiber-to-the-home (FTTH) solutions? OpenCape can offer guidance, advice and services to help make the process more manageable.

  • Our IBM-designed Colocation/Data Center provides diverse power feeds, distribution paths, generator systems, redundant cooling systems, and high-capacity diverse paths via the network.

  • Cellular providers, 5G, and wireless providers are encouraged to request tower and fiber lateral information for over 70 sites in Southeastern MA, Cape Cod, and The Islands. 

    1. Utilize OpenCape's 100% fiber laterals capable of delivering up to 400 GBPS of backhaul. 

    2. Dark Fiber or Lit Service capable. 

    3. Opportunity to utilize IBM-designed 2,500 SF data center to accommodate Network Hardware.

Fire Station Interior

OpenCape also offers special pricing for public safety clients, allowing them to meet the ever-increasing demand for their services.

  • Dedicated, symmetrical internet

  • Reliable and redundant service

  • State-of-the-art 100% fiber optic network

  • Unmatched symmetrical upload and download speeds

  • Speeds ranging from 20mbps to 100GBps or more

  • Consistent performance even on the busiest days

What Sets Us Apart

What Sets Us Apart


Our network boasts

  • Geographic Diversity: Minimizes disruption from regional outages.

  • Ring Architecture: Ensures rerouting for uninterrupted service.

  • Multiple Global IP Network Terminations: Guarantees internet access.

  • Unique Dual-Homing: Automatic failover for seamless connectivity (not offered by competitors).


Unmatched Speed & Reliability

  • Dedicated, symmetrical internet

  • State-of-the-art 100% fiber optic network

  • Unmatched symmetrical upload and download speeds

  • Speeds ranging from 20mbps to 100GBps or more

  • Consistent performance even on the busiest days


Built for Resilience: Fiber Optic Reliability

  • Fiber optic networks provide superior reliability thanks to their:

  • Strength: Less prone to breakage than copper.

  • Immunity: Unaffected by electrical interference.

  • Weather Resistance: Performs flawlessly in all conditions.

Bridge the Digital Gap: Unleash Your Business

  • High-Speed, Reliable Internet: No more buffering, lagging, or downtime. Focus on what matters – growing your business.

  • Affordable Solutions: We believe great internet shouldn't break the bank. Get competitive rates for your business needs.

  • Scalable Options: We have plans that grow with you.


falmouth ma main street

We've had OpenCape since 2018.  We changed to OpenCape because of their dependability and the fact that service never goes down, despite storms or any other impediments along the way.

Jill Stauffer
Executive Director,
Provincetown Commons

Without OpenCape’s technology, (Passport Pharmacy) wouldn’t be possible or even close to it. We changed to OpenCape because of its dependability and the fact that it never goes down despite storms or any other impediments along the way.

Bill Bogdanovich
Owner, Broad Reach Healthcare

Thanks to OpenCape's GPON initiative, even businesses with limited financial resources, have access to reliable, high-speed 100% fiber connectivity.

Michael Kasparian, Falmouth Chamber of Commerce