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OpenCape Corporation
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Barnstable, MA

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Barnstable County Complex
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  • Fiber optic internet is the next-generation solution for high-speed, reliable, and secure internet connectivity. Here's what sets it apart:

    1. Blazing-fast Speeds:

      • Transmit data at the speed of light, offering unparalleled internet speeds.

      • Enjoy seamless streaming, gaming, and downloading without buffering or lag.

    2. Enhanced Bandwidth Capacity:

      • Utilizes fiber optic cables, which have significantly higher bandwidth capacity compared to traditional copper wires.

      • Accommodates the increasing demands of data-heavy applications and services with ease.

    3. Superior Reliability:

      • Resistant to electromagnetic interference and environmental factors, ensuring consistent performance.

      • Minimal downtime and disruptions, providing a reliable internet connection 24/7.

    4. Secure Transmission:

      • Data is transmitted via light pulses through fiber optic cables, offering enhanced security against hacking and cyber threats.

      • Protect your sensitive information and online activities with peace of mind.

    5. Future-proof Technology:

      • Invest in a technology that is built to last and adapt to future advancements in internet infrastructure.

      • Stay ahead of the curve with fiber optic internet, ensuring your connectivity needs are met for years to come.

    Experience the difference with fiber optic internet and unlock the full potential of your online experience. Say hello to speed, reliability, and security like never before.

  • The Secrets Behind Fiber Optic Internet

    1. Light-speed Data Transmission:

      • Fiber optic cables transmit data using pulses of light, which travel at the speed of light through the cable.

      • This enables data to move much faster than traditional copper wire-based internet connections.

    2. Greater Bandwidth Capacity:

      • Fiber optic cables have a significantly higher bandwidth capacity compared to copper wires.

      • This allows for more data to be transmitted simultaneously without compromising speed or performance.

    3. Minimal Signal Degradation:

      • Unlike copper wires, fiber optic cables experience minimal signal loss over long distances.

      • This ensures that data travels consistently and reliably, maintaining high speeds regardless of the distance.

    4. Immunity to Electromagnetic Interference:

      • Fiber optic cables are not susceptible to electromagnetic interference from nearby power lines or electronic devices.

      • This eliminates potential disruptions to the signal, resulting in a more stable and reliable internet connection.

    5. Symmetrical Upload and Download Speeds:

      • Fiber optic internet offers symmetrical upload and download speeds, meaning data can be sent and received at equal rates.

      • This is ideal for activities such as video conferencing, online gaming, and cloud computing, where both upload and download speeds are crucial.

  • Fiber optic internet has several advantages over cable and DSL. Namely, fiber optic internet is the best choice for downloading and uploading information fast, efficiently and reliably.

    • Fiber is better for carrying information long distances. All electronic signals are negatively affected by long-distance travel, even light and electricity. The farther a signal has to travel, the more it degrades, and the weaker it will be when it reaches its destination. To maintain signal strength, copper cable links are limited to a distance of 328 feet or less. But fiber-optic cables can run up to almost 25 miles before they lose signal strength, which makes them a better and stronger option overall.

    • Fiber is not affected by electrical or radio interference. Although copper is a great medium for conducting electricity, it’s not a closed system, which means other electromagnetic signals or radio interference can negatively affect it. High levels of interference will reduce signal strength and risk cutting the signal entirely. Glass and plastic fiber-optic lines, on the other hand, are more insulated against outside interference, making their signal much more secure.

    • Fiber is less prone to damage and wear and tear. Fiber lines, despite their extremely small size, are much harder and more resistant than copper. Fiber lines can take between 100 to 200 pounds of pressure, but copper can withstand only around 25 pounds. Also, copper is a soft metal and conducts heat, which means that older systems are prone to damage from the environment (including impacts or fire hazards) and will break down over time.

  • Fiber optic internet is often the top choice for online access due to its many advantages. However, there are factors to consider before opting for fiber.

    1. Availability:

      • As of December 2017, fiber-optic lines were accessible to just over 30% of the population, significantly less than DSL and cable internet which are available to 90% of the population.

      • Note that while DSL and cable internet may have wider availability, some speeds may not be available in all areas.

    2. Infrastructure Requirements:

      • Unlike DSL and cable internet, which utilize existing copper wire infrastructure, fiber optic lines require new infrastructure construction.

      • This means fiber internet companies must invest in building new networks, leading to limited availability and financial risk.

    Understanding these considerations can help businesses and communities make informed decisions about investing in fiber optic internet.

  • Once you choose to unplug from traditional cable and dish network services and connect your home to OpenCape’s 100% Fiber Network, you will need to make some choices about how best to stream your favorite shows, sports and music to your home devices based on your own preferences and viewing habits.

    There are many ways to craft your own television programming alternatives with streaming services and connection devices. OpenCape Network uses technology that can provide 1 Gigabyte speeds - which is super fast, (at times - if everyone was on it at the same time - it might may go down to 600 Mbps which is very fast).

    So whether you use Apple TV, Roku or other devices to stream your Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and music services, you would be able to count on your internet being fast, reliable and consistent. AND - less expensive than the burdensome, bundled service you now are compelled to buy.

    Plus - your cell phones will work more reliably in your home with OpenCape connectivity to many popular mobile phone services.

    Once either of the solutions mentioned above gets launched then you can take this route to faster, more affordable internet video and music in your home.

  • The OpenCape Network is constructed of state-of-the-art optical fibers instead of the traditional copper wire or coaxial cable. Optical fiber is a hair-thin piece of glass that is specially designed to transmit pulses of light. One small fiber can carry multiple signals at once and the signal does not degrade over long distances. Unlike coaxial cable, performance is not affected by interference or shared bandwidth.

    The OpenCape Network provides high-speed access that runs at the speed of light. Every day the use of the internet for applications and services is increasing. As high-definition video, telemedicine, distance learning, telecommuting, and other applications continue to evolve, only fiber technology provides the bandwidth to carry the heavy data load we expect to see.

    Plus - your cell phones will work more reliably in your home with OpenCape connectivity to many popular mobile phone services.

    Once either of the solutions mentioned above gets launched then you can take this route to faster, more affordable internet video and music in your home.

  • Very! The OpenCape Network is up 99.99% of the time. On average, OpenCape customers are down less than one hour over the course of an entire year, and that is most often only for schedule maintenance.

    Our outstanding level of reliability is why the largest businesses in the region and municipal departments (Hospitals, Schools, Police and Fire Departments) that require 24/7/365 reliable, redundant service connect and depend on our Network.

  • OpenCape’s 100% Fiber Optic Network is capable of delivering reliable, redundant, and affordable services to businesses of all sizes without you feeling the impact of the summer tourism influx, population growth, or inclement weather. Be prepared for less frustration, super fast internet, and excellent, locally based customer service.

  • Yes. We utilize our third party partner, MegaNet Communications in Fall River, to provide VOIP for any of customers who need it. VOIP is billed as a separate charge directly from MegaNet.

  • No. We offer incredibly fast reliable internet, with which you can stream any of your preferred entertainment platforms (Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu etc…).

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