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The Statewide 911 Outage Highlights Urgent Need for Redundant Infrastructure

The headline in Hiawatha Bray's article at the Boston Globe today says it all "A statewide 911 crash is not supposed to happen."

 At OpenCape, we're committed to fostering a thriving community and we are an integral part of this service, OpenCape powers the connection to the Barnstable County Sheriff’s Office which operates an Emergency Communications Center located on Joint Base Cape Cod which is responsible for the dispatch of emergency 911 calls for many municipalities across Cape Cod . While yesterday's statewide outage has nothing to do with OpenCape or the Barnstable County Sherriff. It highlights the importance in having robust and reliable infrastructure. Just like the foundation of a house, our infrastructure – especially our internet infrastructure – needs to be strong and well-maintained to support our growing needs.

Many of our current systems were built years ago, and haven't kept pace with the demands of today's digital world. This aging infrastructure can lead to outages, slowdowns, and frustration for residents and businesses alike.

Redundancy: The Key to Reliability

One of the biggest concerns with aging infrastructure is a lack of redundancy. Imagine a bridge with only one lane – if there's an accident, the entire flow of traffic grinds to a halt. Similarly, if a single point of failure occurs in our current internet system, large portions of the community could lose connectivity.

Building a More Resilient Future

OpenCape is actively exploring solutions to address these challenges. One key focus is on building redundancy into our infrastructure. This means having multiple pathways for data to travel, so that if one route goes down, others can pick up the slack, minimizing disruption.

By investing in a more modern and redundant infrastructure, we can ensure:

  • Improved reliability: Fewer outages and disruptions for everyone.

  • Enhanced performance: Faster internet speeds and smoother online experiences.

  • Greater resilience: The ability to withstand unexpected challenges and keep our community connected.

Working Together for a Brighter Tomorrow

OpenCape is committed to working with residents, businesses, and policymakers to develop a comprehensive plan for upgrading our infrastructure.

Stay tuned for future updates and opportunities to get involved. Together, we can build a future-proofed community where everyone has access to the reliable and high-speed internet they deserve.


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