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Provincetown's Friendly Skies Soon-to-Be Connected Though State-of-the-Art Fiber Optics!

It’s been a dream nearly 16 years in the making for Brett Stone, Manager of Network Operations for Cape Air, but at long last he has broken through the digital divide and secured better, much better, internet connectivity for Provincetown Airport!

Over the years Brett and the IT team at Cape Air approached various local carriers and the most significant hurdle always came down to funding. In November of 2021, President Biden signed the Build Back Better Act which provided grant money for improved Broadband access to rural areas and in May 2022, the Provincetown Municipal Airport was awarded $250,000 through the Commonwealth’s Municipal Fiber Grant program.

According to Stone:

“The Airport provides a critical transportation service to the Provincetown community, connecting year-round rural residents and visitors alike to our nation’s air transportation network. Access to reliable high-speed Internet is essential to ensure a safe operation for the airlines, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and other businesses operating at the airport to support the Municipality (e.g., rental car companies). The improved connectivity provided by OpenCape will have an immeasurable impact by delivering reliable high-speed Internet at speeds ranging from 20mbps to 400gbps. Uptime, the time a network is up and running, will be improved from “best effort” on the incumbent carrier to 99.999% uptime with OpenCape.”
“OpenCape is committed to working with municipalities like Provincetown - to bringing the safety and convenience of reliable, redundant and affordable fiber internet to residents, businesses and our visitors. We meet you where you are and find solutions together,”

said Steven Johnston CEO and Executive Director of OpenCape.


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