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OpenCape Connects 272 Residences at Hanover Hyannis to 10GB Fiber Internet

If you are considering rental space at the new residences at Hanover Hyannis (located near BJ’s and Cape Cod Healthcare’s Wilkens Urgent Care Center) rest assured that internet connectivity will be robust and future-focused.

OpenCape is providing a 10Gig dedicated fiber circuit to service residents.

OpenCape CEO Steve Johnston commented,

“Affordable housing is a necessity for our region. Part of that housing solution must be to ensure that every resident and every family, regardless of their economic situation, have access to robust, reliable, and affordable internet service. This is the conduit by which people go to school, work remotely, access healthcare and other benefits. It is a core component of every housing solution, and OpenCape is working tirelessly to ensure every unit built in our region has this access.”


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