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Dark Money Campaigns Confirm OpenCape’s Strategy of Fostering Choice and Competition

You may have recently noticed an influx in TV, print, email, and radio advertisements from a cryptic, shadowy organization called “Mass Priorities”. While the source of their reported $500,000 ad campaign remains cloudy, it is a safe bet to assume that the incumbent providers who service our region are responsible. I mention it today not to give any credence to their message, but rather to alert people that the sole purpose of this campaign is to confuse and bewilder communities, to have you second guess your instinct when someone is pulling the wool over your eyes. The link to this story addresses many of the details, but I think it is necessary to point out the absurdity of any strategy that promotes confusing customers versus just focusing on providing a great product and amazing customer service.

The fact that someone in power thought this was a solid plan demonstrates how little the incumbents think about the role they play in our communities. From my perspective, these dark money campaigns send an incredibly clear signal that the incumbents are terrified of any level of choice or competition, and that is exactly what we will keep doing.


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