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Cape Cod Takes Action to Improve Internet Connectivity!

Residents and businesses on Cape Cod and the Islands need to come together to tackle a major challenge: unreliable and expensive internet service. This critical infrastructure is holding back the region's potential in areas like healthcare, education, and economic development.

Here's the good news! A coalition of local groups has launched the "FIX CAPE INTERNET CHALLENGE" to gather data and raise awareness about the issue. This initiative will help ensure Cape Cod gets the resources it needs for faster, more reliable internet.

How You Can Help:

  • Take the Speed Test: Visit and participate in a simple online speed tests. This data will be crucial in showing the true state of internet connectivity on Cape Cod.

  • Spread the Word: The more people who participate, the stronger our case will be. Talk to your friends, family, and colleagues about the challenge and encourage them to take the test.

  • Join the Kick-Off Event: Come learn more about the initiative and hear from local leaders at the event on Wednesday, June 26th at 11 AM at Love, Live, Local in Downtown Hyannis (539 South Street).

Why This Matters:

Reliable internet is no longer a luxury - it's a necessity. It connects us to healthcare, education, and job opportunities. It allows businesses to thrive and fosters innovation. By working together, we can ensure Cape Cod has the infrastructure it needs to reach its full potential.

Let's Fix Cape Internet!


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