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Cape Cod 5 partners to bring local high speed fiber optic network to 17 bank locations

Cape Cod 5 recently invested in OpenCape's 100% Fiber Optic Network. As a community bank serving thousands of customers and community members through both its extensive network of Banking Centers and full-service digital offerings, Cape Cod 5 turned to OpenCape for a reliable, redundant network to ensure continuous connectivity.

The state-of-the-art Fiber Optic Network gives OpenCape’s customers peace of mind with secure, resilient fiber connection with unmatchable upload and download speeds. Cape Cod 5 has installed the Network at its headquarters and at 16 of its branches, with more planned for the future.

“A reliable high-speed network is critical to our ability to serve customers and community members. We chose to partner with OpenCape to provide redundancy in our operations,” said Matt Burke, Chief Executive Officer of Cape Cod 5. “In addition, we’re proud to support OpenCape’s efforts to bolster network access on the Cape and Islands, which creates a stronger infrastructure powering our local businesses and communities.”

According to Steve Johnston, CEO of OpenCape,

“Advancing internet connections through our 100% Fiber Optic Network improves quality of life and expands economic opportunity. Every time we make a connection, it extends the fiber deeper into the community. Cape Cod 5 understands that connecting their locations not only makes sense for them, it benefits the region.”


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