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Building Redundancy for Reliable Health Care

Southcoast Health utilizes OpenCape at Tobey Hospital, Charlton Hospital, and St. Luke’s Regional Trauma Center.

At OpenCape, we’re committed to ensuring reliable internet access for critical facilities across our service footprint, extending beyond Cape Cod, especially for healthcare institutions.

Here’s what’s happening:

For the past 5+ years, OpenCape has partnered with and serviced many Southcoast Health locations, including:

  • Southcoast Health Tobey Hospital (Wareham): We have installed a second, underground fiber optic pathway to provide an additional layer of security and stability to their internet connection.

  • Saint Luke’s Hospital in (New Bedford): A dedicated 100 Gig fiber optic circuit is being installed, ensuring high-speed, reliable internet for this vital regional trauma center.

  • Charlton Memorial Hospital (Fall River): They recently benefited from the installation of a redundant internet circuit, further strengthening their network infrastructure.

Why is this important?

OpenCape provides both transport and internet circuits for Southcoast, ensuring that patients and providers have the most reliable internet connections. This is essential for modern healthcare operations, from accessing patient records and conducting telehealth consultations to seamlessly coordinating care delivery. This vital infrastructure ensures uninterrupted service for patients and staff.

Minimally Invasive Installations

Fun Fact!  The impressive trucks you see digging the trenches are vacuum excavation trucks. They utilize powerful suction systems for precise dirt and debris removal, minimizing disruption to existing utilities and the surrounding environment.

By investing in infrastructure redundancy and high-speed connections, Southcoast Health is helping its hospitals—Tobey Hospital, Saint Luke’s Regional Trauma Center, and Charlton Memorial Hospital—continue to provide exceptional care to our community.

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