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Advocate for Residential Fiber

Move Towards a Future with Fiber-to-the-Home Connectivity

When given a choice, more and more people around the country are leaving the big monopolies for local ISPs.

At OpenCape, we work for our community! As a nonprofit, our goal is to support and foster community led initiatives and legislation to help connect homes with 100% Fiber Optic Internet across our region and help bridge the #digitaldivide.

Providing a choice for the public is what we advocate for. As OpenCape continues to facilitate residential fiber projects throughout our regional footprint, there are ways residents can advocate for fiber internet today.

  • Partner with other motivated community members

  • Urge your Town Administrator, Select Board Members, State Representatives and Senators to invest in residential fiber optic internet (search for your town and state leaders below)

  • Move our region toward a more connected tomorrow

Urge Town and State Leaders
Invest in fiber infrastructure and building municipal revenues.

Search for My Town Manager/Administrator

Find My Representative or Senator

Create a Community Movement
Develop a municipal fiber optic network feasibility study. 
Read Falmouth's Feasibility Study

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